Isaac Wen

Coder, Gamer, Artist


Over 8 years of programming experience:

  • Java
    • 8 years of experience, with modern and legacy libraries (Applet, Swing, JavaFX, JUnit Testing)
    • Completed many games and applications, including:
    • TypeClicker
    • Crazy 8s
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript)
    • 3 years of experience
    • Original portfolio was created using a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP stack (LAMP) with WordPress as a backend
    • New website (this one) is running Next.js
  • Web Game Development (TypeScript, PUG, MongoDB, Express.js)
    • Ascension is a game I've been developing myself in my spare time
    • Using express.js for the webserver and API, with MongoDB as the database in the back end.
    • Everything written in TypeScript (JavaScript)
    • Play here
  • Python
    • 2 years of experience
    • Able to create quick and simple scripts for automation
    • Experience with machine learning and machine learning libraries, like Keras
    • Experience with other libraries such as: NumPy, matplotlib, and TKinter.
  • C++
    • 1 year of experience
    • Basic knowledge of libraries like OpenGL, GLFW, and GLAD
  • Other
    • Familiar with Linux based systems and navigation using the command line
    • Familiar with remote access
    • Multimedia expereince with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Illustrator

Play my game!

Ascension is a falling block style puzzle game.

Try it out!